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About Us

WHO IS LifeWorkx?

We are the principal, mobile technology inspired intellectual property leader in an emerging work-life-caregiving ecosystem transformation.

We understand that technology has changed the landscape and blurred the lines between work, life and care for the next decades. Our content designs are grounded in partnerships with mobile management business solutions that are frequently referred to as Enterprise Mobile Management Infrastructure. (EMM).

Keeping corporate attitudes and policy aligned with fast moving technology is one task. Pre empting the competition is achievable   when progressive leaders join technology with policy solutions that address business; work, worker and the substantial 30-year cycle of employee family care demands.  This challenge is the balancing act between running today’s business while we are creating the next decade’s breakthrough products and services.

Contemporary external and internal information and data collection drives our content alignment with digital and mobile designs. Refreshing corporate, worker brand identity while minimizing the impact of family care demands on corporate employment brand 2021 and beyond is our core direction.

We focus on the following areas of expertise:


  1. Strategic proposals for the emerging 2021 -2025 employment brand demands for only the most progressive global corporations.
  1. Targeting business focus on significant, and many times hidden, challenges for corporate leadership education, planning and business transformation.
  1. Creating a viable landscape to align current corporate work, working, and the 30 – year cycle of family care and employment direction with the connected age-seamless, mobile technology.
  1. Offer 1st to market, unified communications technology centered, work, working and employment family care policy solutions to attract and retain a competitive workforce in a tightening labor market.
  1. Creating new ideology and structures for contemporary Way We Work™ -2021. Revived solutions match societal offers for on- demand, direct to employee and utilize partnerships with external resources and corporation to build the 3rd wave of the Internet applications.
  1. Equipping private sector leaders with facts and tools to quickly encircle the emergent demands, prepare their leadership teams to build momentum across the larger organization and fully engaging workers in the evolving direction of the corporation.

LifeWorkx offers 6 years of analysis and 1st to market intellectual property and viable proposals for the 2021-2025 timeframe.  We are ushering leadership preparation and corporate wide solutions that can be adapted to unique business demands. One size does not fit all, but competitive information and potential solutions do jump start individual and corporate success.

Three major areas consume our collective energy:

  • Stimulating the disruption and innovation across private sector corporation that minimize employment status caused by the singular focus of the unprepared healthcare system on the labor market and employment balance in our nation.  (30 – year cycle of family care difficulties required due to large baby boomer aging and increasing numbers of wounded warriors, and developmentally disabled people).
  • Advocating awareness that the changes to The Way We Work™ are long term socio economic, architectural, social change and worker motivation challenges that must be addressed straightaway. They are not add-on programs to most employment programs. The way we have worked in the last 100 years will fade away and never return.
  • Influencing non profits, government representatives and local community delegations to meld the efforts and policy supporting the construction of remote working, mobile and local consumer healthcare, smart homes, and smart communities matching the broad implications of the largest shifts in the way we live in 100 years.


The Global Caregiving Gold Rush

The hidden story of how caring for aging Baby Boomers could doom a business to Billions in lost profits while working Americans are stretched to the breaking point.

Meeting this historic challenge with intelligent, effective mobile solutions. Bold proposals approach forefront infrastructure shifts tackling our citizens’ requirements for a modernized CareWise™ business culture and a digital ecosystem matching the Way We Work™ 2021.

The Global Caregiving Gold Rush is a tour de force book packed with eye-opening concepts. It delves into the poorly understood world of HealthCARE and what future trends mean for business. Author Jeannette Galvánek explains in irrefutable detail how essential changes could save business an astounding $36 Billion per year.

Galvanek cites the 67 million people who are serving many hours per week as unpaid caregivers. These services are valued at a whopping $522 Billion. Due to the strenuous demands put on this population, the majority who already has regular jobs in addition to their caregiving duties, business is losing staggering resources through compromised productivity, diminished motivation and challenging worker job retention.

This huge trend is going to swell into a tidal wave, as aging Baby Boomers require care from working family members. The result could be a massive handicap to businesses everywhere as they see their workforce stretched to the breaking point.

Clearly dramatic changes are needed if private sector businesses and the nation are to survive this historic change. The Global Caregiving Gold Rush serves as the indispensable handbook that helps any business or individual clearly understand the expansive family HealthCARE delivery crises that are already impacting the economy and workers struggling to meet care expectations without choice. It prescribes changes that must be implemented if our nation’s business prosperity is to be preserved for present and future generations.