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Big Shifts

The world is altered. Globalized, digitized, mobilized, technified, mobilized, social media- ized, gamified. Our life spans have expanded. Our boundaries are broader relationships with institutions and work, life and family—very different than the past decade. and now a shared economy and Connected Age revolution is prevailing.

There is universal agreement that change is continuous . We are in a period of disruption and innovation. We are experiencing tension between the traditions of the past decades and the future. Unions or Uber, Freelancer or permanent employee options. Medical devises on our bodies and home are shifting relationships. The ERA of Business Restructuring , mass layoffs and fear about employment security is shifting as the labor market gets tighter for business to attract and retain their talent. The ERA of singular focus on work instead of the ability to have quality relationships and meet commitments that are essential to human beings. We are in an ERA vast transformation.

“The Internet of Things”

The “Internet of Things” (IOT) is the Third Wave of the Internet, bringing opportunities and challenges to connected homes, wearables, the industrial internet, connected cities and connected cars. The 1st Wave of the Internet  brought  1 Billion Internet Users, followed by 2 Billion Mobile Internet Users.

This Wave 3 is projected to connect 30 Billion devises by 2020!  The technology is front and center. Each devise is attached to human, two or more? Shared equipment and software,  manufacturing  equipment . What about the logistics of cars, trains, cities, locations? Think about the mobile enterprise; work performed all over the globe, in a standard place (office) or other (place) at a self- determined time, yet accomplishing the results that are desired. In addition to the things that IP work structures make happen, people are enabled by smart, connected technology.  Something greater than things is happening.

Internet — 4th Wave Coming?

The Internet of LifeWorkx. The most essential result of the three waves Internet Disruption and Innovations.
This is all about relationships, the simplification of life commitments for a time famine Generation. Focus on the end consumer people with total lives not recipients of devises. whole person, capable of Integration of digital technology Lust for collaboration across work, life and family, diminished isolation.

It’s  the right time for people who work  to have  life and work  digitally integrated and upgraded. Safety, privacy and security enhanced, as well.


These changes are driving the demand for a network of CARING objects, designed to protect and assist people in their daily lives.  “ give credit”  Connected objects that weave self-tracking through daily life will supercharge self-improvement of fitness and physical wellbeing.  Stressed, time fatigued , over-stimulated consumers will expect the IOC to attend to their  mindfulness, emotional and mental wellbeing, too.


Physical safety is one of the most fundamental human needs. Now, a network of CARING objects. A smart app connected to the rest of life creates a smart network of connected objects means oversight and control of valuable or cherished possessions.


Supercharged oversight of the physical world doesn’t only apply to possessions. It will also help consumers stay close to their loved ones. Put all of this together. Simplify, create the Internet of LifeWorkx; the end consumer is me and you. Integrated solutions that address the quality of life commitments that we share. Elevating our relationships, achieving outstanding  life, work and family  successes. Transformation is the time to re write the script, paint a new canvas. Speak up for what we want and need so the valued parts of our world  get innovated.

Mobile CareWise™ Management Solutions

The Digital Enterprise Collaborative Work Relationships Changed

The Third Wave of the Internet is happening. It is moving up the value chain from access, processing, big data, connectivity, to outcomes and customized business/ consumer solutions. Internet Protocol alone is big, dramatically shifting business technology and operating models. We now have a technology road map that enhances our connectivity, communications, and productivity worldwide.

These once in a century changes will shift many rules of Employment. In our shared economy, collaboration is essential. This is very true in relationships between the employee, the employer and the customer experience. The workforce will be more diverse than ever, talented people who are enabled with digital technology will be the drivers of new relationships.

Surveys all attest to the Big Shift that is happening about the millennials More than 30% are working freelance today. Choosing independence over “on payroll” relationships. The broken employment contract from the Industrial Age has never been re- invented or replaced. Talented people meet social –water cooler—needs by co-working in leased facilities that have popped up everywhere. They can meet family care roles by choosing locations that work for them. The questions about productivity have been polled and the answer is that digital Flex” workers are (contributing 10 hours more in a workweek than the brick and mortal facilities. The real question for business leaders is how they can manage a workforce that is made up largely of contributors they don’t have direct control over? How long will the gap between employees desire 50% vs 35 % CEO views. How long will it take to sort out what it takes to attract and retain people who want Flex of schedule (55% vs 45% of CEO’s?

If they do not have the work culture and environment they choose, what will the Talent Motivation be? The burgeoning Flex Talent Businesses are overflowing with 16M members today. Digital experts at Intuit believe that 40% of the workforce will never cross the doors of a corporation in 2021. What is the managerial literacy needed to create shareowner value?

Billion dollar investments in IP digital business protocols to upgrade information networks expansive. The spillover of technology to human needs for high performance seem “a future need”. Talent and CEO’s will hash this out. There is a new employment deal evolving. Who is managing the desired outcome—corporations or the talented people who are essential to shareowner wealth?
HR departments believe (74%) that digital technology enhances productivity; the strategic capabilities they possess are self- reported at ( a low number I have it ). The skills, attitudes and success factors for business results require new measurements, new compensation and reward systems. Employees—on payroll or independent—require vast communications about business direction and contemporary performance standards. This is once in a century change. The Industrial age “labor policies and social contracts are in conflict. The gaps are large. 2021 employment is a tricky conversation. Digital Literacy for the Digi-Flex talent and organizations is waiting for a conversion plan.

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