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What is LifeWorkx2021?

Lifeworkx Is A Consulting, Digital Platform And Strategic Resource To Organizations Shifting To The Emerging Mobile Work And Life Ecosystem. Our Focus Is 2021 Because So Many Developing Issues Facing Business Leaders Are Arriving Concurrently And Within The Next 5 Years Or So.

2021 Is A Point In Time To Challenge Our Preparation And To Acknowledge That Infrastructure Changes In Business Takes Time.


What Is The Problem That You Are Solving?

To Net This Out, Businesses Are Going To Experience Success Or Failure Of Their Business Due To Their Attention (Or Lack Of) To The Dramatic Shifts In Demographics, Family Values, Worker Demands And Motivation And Greater Valuing Of Their Contributions. The Two Most Significant Factors For The Pending Freedom Workers Should Be Clear But Are Not Acknowledged.


What bench strength and workforce systems will CEOs of Industry and heads of government agencies have if 40% of their work team is remote, 30% not on their payroll, and 55% disrupted by the Caregiving Crisis?

What Do You Mean Business Threats?

Currently, Both The Private And Public Sector Are Facing A Number Of Enormous Employment Threats. For One, The Mobile Workforce Is Fast Becoming A Reality That Existing Infrastructures Are Not Equipped For. The Contingent Workforce Is Estimated To Include 40-50% Of The Entire Talent Supply In The Next Few Years. We Are Entering A Business Landscape In Which The New Worker Is Reversing The Traditional Employment Contract; They Are Entering A Talent Buyers Market And Know It!

Secondly, The Care Crisis, Which Has Been Whispered About For Years, But Never Effectively Addressed, Is Beginning To Reveal Just How Big A Threat It Poses To Our Entire Economy, And Every Organization’s Success. Businesses Are Assertively Unprepared For The Significant Impact That Aging Boomers And The Increase Of People With Disabilities Will Have On Their Talent. We Are Challenging The Business Ideology That Caregiving Belongs In The Benefits Or Work Life Balance Departments.

  • We Are Behind In Addressing Changing Values, Workers’ Assumptions, The Ability Of Current Leaders’ Skills To Perform In A Remote And Inclusive Work World.
  • We Are Not Addressing The Vital Need For Unified Human And Digital Communications That Enable Seamless Working – Living – Caring.
  • Little Is Being Done To In Policy Supporting Substantially Shifting Employment Relationship Between Workers And Employers.
  • Nothing Is Being Done To Address The Impact Of A Negligent Societal View That Caregiving In 2021 Is Ok With A 1950’s Model … That Someone Is Not Working And “At Home” To Take On The Significant Caregiving Responsibilities Of Aging Boomers And Increasing Numbers Of People With Disabilities.

What Do I Do If My Business Dodging These Needs?

Most Human Resources, Financial And Strategic Planning Organizations Do Not Have The Embedded Capabilities To Absorb All Of These Technological, Cross Functional, Cross Industry, Global Threats And At The Same Time Design Real Operational Solutions.  Those Capabilities Have Not Been Needed For Quite A Long Time And Vanished.

How Do I Get Started?

These Are Strategic Business Matters That Belong At The Top Of The Organization And Very Likely In The Board Of Directors Agenda.

This Is Not A Project, Application, Data Report Individual Or Product And Service Fix. This Is About Systemic Changes. Think About A Calm Conversation; Educate The Audience In Small And Logical Doses. Be Clear About The Needs And Do Able Results.

CEO’s of our industries need to be briefed, have a plan with their teams and execute. Time is of the essence. Since you are reading this, you must ask yourself:


Then Decide How You Are Or Someone Else Can Get The Messages To The People Who Need To Know!

How Much Does This Cost?

It Depends On The Approach A Business Takes. This Will Be A Membership and Subscription Business Offering. The Initial Investment Will Include Level I–The Essentials Of The Digital Platform. This Includes The E Learning Programs, Business Focused Social Media, On-Line Work And Care Communities. We Will Offer 4 Levels Of Participation. Leaders can choose the best match to their values and budgets. We aspire to keep costs below industry averages and optimize the value added by the displacement of costs organizational wastes to.

Oh, the benefits will outweigh the investments. Current productivity and organization dysfunction will be minimized. That’s the best trade off! We can work the numbers as a team!

How Long Does It Take?

Consulting and re-framing YOUR business can start immediately. The implementation of LifeWorkx 2021 will take 1 – 3 months. We would start with an introductory communications effort from the business leaders and across organizations. As your Plans evolve the organization tests the effectiveness and adjusts for acceptance. The Solutions are available for implementation, the organization grows and learns and adjusts for optimum success.
We are securing investments and partnership opportunities beginning April 2016.

Is Country Social Policies for Global Businesses?

Global business leaders do not need to accept social policies from other industrialized nations in the areas of family leave ” FMLA” employing the disabled, retirees, or others. A good look at competitive talent strategies will discern country-by-country decisions.


How Aware Are Team Leaders And Peers About Employed Caregivers In Their Organizations, The Extreme Challenges That They Face The Significant Costs To Business And Workplace Dysfunction? Are They Aware Of The Demographics And Workplace Shifts That Are Projected And Preparing Their Field Of Contribution For Readiness? Seeing Remote Work And Care Obligations As “Separate” From Uniform Employment Policy Cause Hierarchies In Organizations And Concerns About Fairness. When Local Management Makes “Individual In Nature” (Usually Informal) Workplace And Flexibility Solutions, The Chances Of Litigation Increase And The Success Of The Organization Is Jeopardized As This Condition Increases To The New Majority Of The Workforce. Understanding The Bigger Picture, Teams Will Seek Out Larger Scale Policies/ Practices And Fair Solutions As Well.

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