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Jeannette Galvanek, CEO – LifeWorkx
Interview with
Flexibility and Caregiving

U.S. CEO’s manage many transformations. The biggest businesses around the world have done lots of BIG Transformations. But, this is a bigger “T”; transformation across countries, industries, across jobs, talents and customers. It impacts global and domestic corporations, high tech/ low tech, societal values. Elder Care challenges the ability of employees to stay in the workforce, it is looked at as an employee benefit and leave of Absence issue. The fact is the Elder and all dependent care is a worthy BIG Employment – recruiting and retaining talent today and its growing exponentially this decade.

Remarkable, kaleidoscopic innovation is everywhere. Preparation of the business culture starts with some simpleCEO questions.

If the owner of the # 1 team in the country knew that :

They were “at risk” of randomly losing  30-40%  of its players in the next  couple of years …  for a thirty year  period of time, would they get off the court and build a new playbook?

If they knew that 35% of the incoming team wanted to be independent agents, would they design a more lucrative playbook?

If they knew that the wastes of the employment and retention of their team might cost them the season, would they implement a new playbook?

If Entirely new  digital capabilities were  introduced but  slowing productivity, frustrating the team, managers and members were not on good terms … would the owner require solutions?

If the motivation of the players  shifted due  to vast changes in their  personal obligations  would any manger ignore the signals?

If a recruiting crisis was  reducing their ability to get the best new players for backfills…would they figure a way out?


How Deep Is This?

Who, When, Why?

Who is Managing ?

What’s Competition Doing?

How Do I Turn This Around?

Focused on conventional business conditions, this management team is uninformed and  the threats  to the season are unaddressed.

The  research and  predictions  are buried in silos of academicians, not for profits, government and digital technology organizations.

They cannot sound an alarm  because they don’t have  operational wisdom to offer to  business leaders to act. HR organizations have a viewpoint. Digital sector experts have another.  The leadership imperative is  clear; CEO assumptions need to be revisited a new playbook is needed, right to the core of the locker room, uniforms and playing field.




2015 2021 Workforce?

Employees?  Structures?  Digital Collaboration?  JOBS?

30% Millennials Digi-Flex
10% Employees Digi-Flex
Digitally Enabled
25%+ Random Losses Boss-less/ Team Leaders

Quality Assurance
Intellectual Property
Rewards Salary

Team  & Leader Skills/
Digital Mastery
20% “Career Encore”

10% Businesses Offer Digi-Flex
18% all Jobs Digi-Flex  Today
40% all Talent/Jobs Digi Flex-2021?

Demographics will challenge millions of employees with decisions about retaining their “traditional” jobs or caring for their aging family members. , imperiled to change to a consumer focused employment model or increase business risks. Is this a government policy job? Businesses cannot wait people who work will not wait. Decisions are needed. Private Sector Leadership is Needed.

Businesses are facing a talent buyer’s market
The care challenge needs a paradym shift for CEO’s NOT just a medical, benefits, Housing, Problem.

What about the burdens of care?

  • Loss of job, money, relationships
  • Social needs of the Dependents not met!!
  • Digital innovation is medical devices ( like the internet of things” where is the w-l-f architecture ( Lots of money & success for everyone!!!
  • Multi B Business opportunity and improves U.S. Social/Industrial policy standing.
  • Silicon valley; C“F” on mobile and digital in care centers/homes
  • Medical community & social services crafting solutions to KEEP THE DYSFUNCTION CAREGIVER ROLE IN PLACE!!!

Digital – Collaborative solutions.

  • Unbundle the roles
  • Professionals “Treatments, monitoring, counseling, advising, health & welfare”
  • The Agents of Insurance/benefits/ social programs do the Integration and collaboration JOB
  • People who work cannot do two jobs Caregiving & Job they accepted ( also earn a living for)
  • Cultural/Societal shift : Re balance work-life-family commitments … must be reciprocal & Business expectations of singular focus on work to disadvantage of all else (FEAR of Downsizing)
  • Outsource service functions to business for profit. Displace worker losses/burdens to for profit—paid for by gov’t & Businesses who have
    not fixed the disability maze & the right strategic programs to support 20%+ of US employees—growing to ???% estimated to triple?

The Unfair Burden On Corporations, Work Results& Talent

The Problems

  • Retention of Top talent
  • Dysfunction of the EEO You can become one…any time, unprepared, no training, expections that YOU will do it—not a Choice!
  • “The Caregiver will do that!” Whattttt?
  • Digital Innovation? Why just medical devices? $93 B industry and no improvements for families to maintain relationships & CARE and the other crap is done well by professionals who are paid to do it!
  • Motivation of Talent—If you can’t provide support; I’ll go somewhere else, leave the workforce full time or parttime, I’ll do the disability maze on corporations time “Presenteeism”
  • Preparation and choices
  • If I can’t prepare for this role of caregiver, cannot plan the present or anticipated needs/issues, and this condition is considered a “normal way of handling our elders in this society and dependent care… I am dismayed. Leave Stay Cheat?

The U.S. has gone to the bottom 30% in Global Industrial standards/policy. Wouldn’t this be a competitiveve advantage to

  • Have a really implementable plan? To a global problem for business?
  • For attracting top talent in a tightening labor market?
  • To permit Employees to own a full life and feel satisfied that their frinds and family are being treated well in the last trimester of their lives? ( like relationships, social inclusion,
  • To expand digital/ mobile distribution in hospitals/care center to employees home/work/life?
  • For corporations to offer LifeWorkx Centers for employees to go—vs leave the workplace to speak with educators, physicians, counselors, tutors etc. ( Private available places)
  • For local communities to establish accessible LifeWorkx Centers in their libraries & college community centers, facilities?
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