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Power Point 1st to Market Presentations

Customize These Powerful Proposals to Address Your Business Needs

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Build leaderships’ confidence. Gain professional competitive advantage. This work will establish your leadership agenda.  Prepare the 1st to market custom proposals for essential conversations with your business leaders.

The once in a century shifts that are occurring simultaneously are challenges to business success.  Presentation equips professionals with the well-documented facts of the changing business ecosystem.

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The journey to 2021 will impact leadership strategies, policy and operational shifts for most businesses. Distributed work, digital collaboration, re-formulated organizations. Who is prepared to do this?  Are your business leaders and teams ready?  Start the informed journey.

Progressive leaders across all industries will embrace the transformation and create better ways of managing.

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CARE CHALLENGE EMPLOYMENT: Changing the RulesCare Challenge Employment

The new employment brand is a work-life-family-care culture required for a contemporary recruiting and retention policy. This unprecedented analysis and systemic proposal highlights the need for a contemporary model for working people and bad assumptions about work-life-family and caregiving ecosystem. Proposes incorporation of potentially 55% of the workforce — employees with caregiver challenges needing alignment with the overall talent and organization shifts. They are the new majority.

This 1st to market proposal addressed businesses values and policy shifts that are needed. We show leaders how they can influence cross business and industry solutions in technology, health care, social services, vendors and the medical community.

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Employment 2021 - The New Brand For Success

What if 60% of the workforce is working remotely or even “unattached” freelancing talent? Policies need to change; digital literacy needs to be pervasive. Leading the mobile enterprise “minus” traditional control levers of the vertical organization.

Managing the mobile workforce is a new job! What are the know-hows? Who has them? Who can do it? Transitional and transformational roles and efforts are outlined. Let the discussions begin.

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Employees With Care Challenges New Solutions

Slide1A stimulating and rich presentation outlining the employment risks facing businesses to retain a successful workforce faced with the burdens of the caregiving crisis. This script explains why leaders need to re – frame their assumptions of caregiving in a modern workforce.

Proposals include a new care model shifting the paradigm for employees with care challenges; options for career continuity and businesses’ retention of top talent.

CEO Operation Strategy
Ceo Operation Strategy

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Innovative Communications Series

Info Graphics establish a new look and a new tool to look at the business, today and the needs to get to tomorrow.

Equipping Executives For Ecosystem Leadership – Coming Soon


The Talent & Work Environment Supply Chain



Employment 2021: The Vision and Values for The New Deal

Vision and ValuesEveryone says that we are entering a New Era … A New Generation of work and working.
If you wonder what that means, take a look at this projected shift in values, salary, talent attraction and retention. This comprehensive material gives senior leaders the basis for an intensive conversation about how they see their business and talent evolving into the mobile enterprise and mobile work ecosystem. This is a take charge moment. Take this details presentation stimulating insights into the bold yet practical changes that are forthcoming. Each leadership team needs to think about this and decide their business ecosystem to attract and retain the top talent in the tightening labor market.

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The Global Caregiving Gold Rush

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