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  • Thought Leadership Proposals for CEO’s of Mid and Large Sized Businesses.
  • Intelligent Designs for Flexible, Inclusive, Technology Enabled Work Environments and Distributed Talent.
  • Practical Operational Language & Options Better Matching a Contemporary, Virtual Workplace and Talent.
  • Structural Proposals Aligning Unique Affinity Group Talent Needs & Larger Workforce With Universal Solutions.
  • Leadership Steps and Decision Tools to Engage, Make Decisions and Originate Transitions.
  • CEO Dashboard Proposals to Amend Contractual Expectations with Service Providers & External Agencies.

Foundations  2021  Future – Proof   Business  – Careers –Care

  • The health care  and government agencies have failed to prepare for an obvious need—the aging of our society it’s time for the private sector to commercialize.
  • Employees/employers are facing a 30 year care cycle, systemic solutions have not been developed , despite  long term baby boomer life cycle  precedence of funding, infrastructure innovation and leadership. (education, health, housing systems over 60+ years).
  • Current 1950’s ideology  and the 1980’s application of a “child care” model  (12 week leave of absence, booklets and employee assistance programs) is grossly misguided  positioning the private sector workforce to be raided into unskilled, unpaid  at-home care  jobs without options or choices.
  • The convergence of the the mobile/remote employee the  contingent/freelancer workforce coupled  dramatic demographic, labor and societal shifts  mandate that care challenged employees are considered mainstream, not a segment  of the organization.(one team)
  • The mobile enterprise and Internet Of Things is the place to hang modern  policy and content addressing   work-life and care solutions as a part of the one team talent infrastructure required for the employee, extended and remote workforce.
  • The excessive wastes ($33.6 billion annually) will be replaced with contemporary, cost effective, work and workplace seamless solutions.
  • External advocacy to change the system is required, but leadership starts with prepared organizations and workers
  • The crossover point must be two – three years.   Time for remediation is of the essence.
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