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Taking Care Of Elderly Parents


At – Home Family  (Paid) HealthCare Services

Those who are aging into their eighties and nineties, and some younger boomers with medical conditions, share needs such as assisted transportation, help with doctor’s visits, grocery shopping. As independence decreases, it’s no secret that activities of daily living requirements (ADLs) increase.

It is not smart business to expect working family members to do Para professional healthcare or more than 5 hours of ADLs per week when they already have paid jobs. Many government agencies offer targeted, paid programs for hands – on support. (Specific agencies and benefits vary by state and community. It is time for Smart And Caring At- Home ADL Solutions.


Long-Term At Home Care


The majority of aging boomers want to age in place. That means that they want to stay in their homes or communities or both. As the aging period extends, it is clear that there are at home care opportunities for wealth generation. Many investors are innovating smart homes, some in elder care facilities, others in devices for attracting the caregiving staff that will eventually support those with greater health care needs. But the needs are greater and been untouched.

Long Term Care Nursing Home


This is a formal healthcare setting an alternative when the at- home care setting is no longer effective. This option is more frequently used as informed baby boomers face greater life and medical challenges such as decreased mobility, dementia and professionally managed medical conditions. LifeWorkx is not involved in medical or direct healthcare solutions, but endorses planning for and during the aging cycle with open communication and clear decision-making. It is essential to meet with is to meet with a financial adviser, attorney, housing and other experts.  They can provide guidance about family assets and protecting them before nursing facility care costs drain a lifetime of savings.

Family Health Services


Many family health care assumptions are that people’s needs as they age are medical and healthcare. While this is true as people enter their 80’s and 90’s, there is a large population of baby boomers in their eighties and nineties who share very similar needs such as transportation, grocery shopping, and home maintenance. Many more are looking for continued socialization, ongoing learning and dating. (yes, 42% of all boomers are single). We need better solutions than the currently scarce and very nice aging communities.

Family Caregiving


Many of us doing at- home family care while being paid employees are kind of at the end of our ropes and the fact is that the knot is not holding well. The caregiving role on average requires a 20+ hours per week commitment over 5 years. The needs of the employer and worker are not short-term care models. With connected and superior work-life and caring technology, working people can do their jobs and oversee at home care. The costs to corporations are extravagant and can be displaced. Thus, we have to innovate our traditional workplace model & usher in necessary changes. Mobile technology innovation is needed.