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Talent Management Leaders Stumped By Aging Baby Boomers And Workers Facing Their Care

Why is it important to understand the mix of talent that you will staff your business with? Businesses are beginning to prepare for a workforce in whom 30-40% of incoming and existing talent will choose to pursue freelance work, but they are not prepared for the additional numbers of care-challenged talent who may decide it necessary to leave their jobs to pursue employment that fits their needs. Leave their jobs to pursue employment that fits their needs.

Virtual Work Companies Offer Unprecedented Options

Technological innovation has increasingly enabled people to work how, when, and where they choose, and employed caregivers have more resources than ever to take their talents elsewhere. In a new era in which companies cannot afford not to integrate all sources of talent contribution, it is vital that business models are able to effectively attract and retain talent who demand diverse, and sometimes fluctuating, levels of flexibility. Without structures that encourage all workers to stay employed and are inclusive of care-challenged talent who need flexible work options, disruption of continuity and productivity in work at the individual, team and organizational level is inevitable.

With the current approach toward caregiving, we are facing national and global threats for businesses that are already challenged with attracting and retaining the talent required for success. For individuals concerned about the “bottom line” costs of implementing a better system, companies will lose valuable care-challenged employees if they can’t figure out how to retain them.

Whether a freelancer, care challenged or traditional worker, companies need to be aware of the shifting dynamics of labor supplies and the changed motivation of a new generation of workers.

Employees Challenged With Caregiving?

There are major inventions around us, especially those driven by technology. Our global society needs mobile innovation that is on par with the smart home, e medicine, smart cars and other entrepreneurial efforts. We need to incorporate the needs of workers, work and caregiving in a new ecosystem for the biggest shifts in 100 years. Consumer caregiving must be aligned with local and the more restricted healthcare systems while innovating network software, mobile applications and connectivity.