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Who We Are?


LifeWorkx™ is a simple concept. The transformation of our economy, our technology and the way we live, work, enjoy and provide for our families will continue the evolution.The G2 is that people want their life and work to be similarly upgraded; complimented with this decade’s connected, smart technology. Safety, security, privacy are essential.

The Smart LifeWorkX Programs help consumers make informed choices for success in the Connected Age. Contemporary challenges are presenting decisions to be made in areas that have not been charted before. Absent (a track record/history…) it’s a good practice to test facts, assumptions, get input from others who might have similar experiences and explore alternatives before committing to a plan of action. These e programs let the consumer learn about the topic, get feedback from the “public” (who might have had “experience,”) create group options/alternatives, apply decision exercise in life situation as needed. Examples of the inaugural curricula: Negotiating a Flex Job Arrangement, The Best “Connected Technology” Brand Resume, The Employed Caregiving Choice.The Connected Work, Home & Family can help create the paperless work/life/family environment. Seamlessly, information technology systems can process a day of errands from the teacher’s conference, the dry cleaner, the pharmacy to the bank and the Assisted Living Facility.

The handheld device keeps me on schedule, provides directions, and offers a virtual conference when traffic delays my appointment. Digital tracking logs new commitments and appointments, syncing with my LifeWorkx Network. WI FI signatures and filing along the way keep the recycling bin low.

Upgrading to the Human Factor with Smart LifeWorkx applications are providing service solutions, prioritizing and displacing low value actions. Thinking applications, decision based programs improving productivity permitting higher value time to shift personal choices at work, home and with our family. Work, Life and Family is not about “Balance.” It is about the ability to meet commitments total work, life and family commitments. Parity.

It’s time to concede the contemporary necessities of living, working and meeting family commitments consistent with this decade’s realities.” J Galvanek

It is about conceding that change is constant, twenty four hours make up a day, investment in technological parity across work, life and home is smart and acknowledging that if all the hidden caregivers in a business had a crisis on the same day, the business would not open. This truth compels leaders to provide relief for employees who work and who have assumed care giving responsibilities for an elder or disabled person. Instead of the doors locked and lights off, imagine Employee Caregiver “I Care” smart applications programs with some of these capabilities.

Jose was heading to the CEO Meeting. Today was the close for the deal. He dialed in to his i6 an emergency appointment for his (Elder) father. Recognizing that an emergency appointment had been made for a designated dependent, 10 screening questions were answered.

Careon( Jose’s digital assistant) launched the App

Immediate notification of the workplace a change in work schedule, alerting the staffing agency that a temp was going to be needed, texting a message to the school, Jose was going to miss his son’s community day, texting the pm. Babysitter– get Jose’s son , sending messages car service to pick up Jose at the hospital not home. Then smart program retraces schedule and contacts Jose to assess feasibility of conference call in pm. Done. Jose’s father cared for. Digital records downloaded for entry and discharge. Rx accessed on line, picked up on way back.

Seamless. Smart. “ Jose ” Predictive Proactive. Time Reduced. Stress Reducing.

The most important fact is that Jose’s Father was treated with undivided attention during the period of crisis. The intense, lower level actions, “Careon” the Digital Personal Assistant, higher level CARE elevated- human factor.

LifeWorkx™ is a call to action. This book will present some fresh ideas for change; starting, stopping or just thinking about things differently. The focus is on the people who work, people who are continuously challenged by the conflicts of work, life and family. Encumbered.

LifeWorkx Internet Prototype is for a new generation; impatient with generational transitions and delays, filled with abundant spirit. The connectivity and smart technology capabilities of the Internet can relieve the Human Factor imbalances in the current corporate and commercial solutions. Labor and social policies are laggards. The majority of mid and large business cultures have not kept pace with contemporary talent requirements, it is difficult to manage today, build for tomorrow without a transition plan to smooth the way.

The Mobile Enterprise requires policy and significant structural changes from the imbedded industrial policies. The government must disrupt labor policy to meet the needs of contemporary talent and labor forces. The gap is too wide.
Transformations of this scale and scope usually have leadership. There is typically a road map. Employers may want to adapt to the needs for a new way of working and a new paradigm of “workforce”. Big business probably should seize this opportunity- breaking down boundaries for the end consumer to get satisfaction, blow up the disruptions to completion, make life happen, coordinate, de layer, build new roles and support. Wall Street investors possibly seeking entrepreneurs focused on the new Lifeworkx™ consumer. Typical, everyday people, we declare ourselves connected consumers; this is a new era, we are a new generation.

Advocating the most important Connection Across the Internet of Things — Work, Life and Family LifeWorkx™!

We live in a DigiFlex™ World! Technology advances have had significant impact on work itself; productivity improvement, ease of access to information, timely delivery of required solutions, ease of tracking and measurements. The same operational innovation and deployment could really change the way we live and work. Time is value. Work, Life and Family need more time.

Consumers for LifeWorkx, responsible for redesigning their environments are stepping in. Fresh ideas from contemporary working people are shaping how we want to live and work in a technology enriched world.
Just looking for equal investments in quality life, work and family as we see happening for “things“!

As innovators, we carry the role to listen, guide, and help others create the best work, life and family scenarios. People are in charge. The end consumer has choices.

The Future Will See You NOW!

We lobby heightened leadership, technological advancements, disruptive policy and operational changes.

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